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Our 2017 On Property Auction will be held on Monday 14th August at 1pm.
Inspection from 10:00am. We are offering 160 Poll Merino Rams.
Location - Kulkami Property, 50 Walker Road, Lameroo, SA.
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The Ridgway stud motto is ‘Ridgway – the Right Way’ and is something we passionately believe in and pursue every day.

We trust this introduction to our business will give you a meaningful insight into our productive Poll Merino sheep enterprise. We invite you to follow up with any further enquiries you may have and hope that if not already a Ridgway client, that at some stage you will inspect and invest in our genetics and then join the many other successful Ridgway clients.

The typical Ridgway sheep of today are big, plain and deep bodied, clean pointed, sound structured and highly fertile.  They carry long stapled, free growing and deeply crimped fine medium wools on thin, wrinkle free and loose skins. We have put selection emphasis on these traits for well over a decade as part of our continual genetic improvement program.

From a total sheep productivity and profitability perspective, we are confident that these are the types that will perform exceptionally well across a total range of environs; as evidenced by Ridgway clients who operate from the vast and lower rainfall pastoral areas of South Australia and New South Wales through to 750mm rainfall districts in the southern areas of Australia.

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2017 On Property Auction

Monday 14th August 2017 at 1pm
Offering 160 Poll Merino Rams

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